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Defeat The Diet

Food - my favorite subject. Why? Because addressing your food intake is the most significant thing you can do to control your weight.

Fascinating facts about food

  1. Fluids are worse than food.

The hardest calories for your body to manage are those found in liquids. In your body’s attempt to stabilize itself it cannot account for liquid calories. It simply doesn’t have a template for this - all liquids are classified as water. Look carefully at your intake of juice, soda, alcohol. All of these are rich sources of calories. If you’re drinking juice for the health benefits, try eating the fruit instead.

2. Sugar is not the problem.

Sugar in your coffee (unless you have 4 or more spoons) is not a significant source of calories. Neither is a (small) slice of birthday cake. More important is the amount of food you eat on a daily basis. What you eat is not as important (for your weight) as how much of it you eat.

3. Don’t crash diet

Sudden changes are stressful to the body, especially crash diets. Any diet that is unpleasant for you is equally unpleasant for your body. Going on and off a diet will cause your metabolism to slow down as your body (correctly) thinks it is going through a period of hardship. Try to make changes to your overall habits slowly with an eye to sustaining them for the long-term.

4. Drink water

For many of us food is our body’s main source of H2O. When your body is dehydrated, it will signal hunger. When we try to eat less we become even more dehydrated, and the hunger signals increase. Any plan to reduce your food intake will not work unless you proportionately increase your water intake. It’s not necessary to drink bottled water. Filtered tap water is fine (and also has fluoride).

There’s more...

There’s plenty more to talk about - look out for the next article on weight loss!

Please remember that reading an article does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship or any form of individual medical advice. Everyone deserves to have a doctor - so find one that you can talk to or make an appointment!


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