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What is Direct Care?

Have your own doctor you can talk to.


Direct care is a type of flat rate concierge medical practice trying to provide honest, upfront pricing. If you pay directly, you get better care and more time with the doctor. And you don't have to wait! Know your cost ahead of time and get the treatment you deserve.


Patient visits are a flat rate of $295. This charge is paid at the time of service. You can then submit your charges to your insurance company (not Medicare or Medicaid) for reimbursement or application to your out-of-network deductible.

Blood and lab tests, X-rays and medications are not included in the flat rate. These are often covered by insurance and are billed directly by the lab or pharmacy.

Medical Prescription

"But I want to use my insurance!"

A good PCP will help you navigate the system.

Your insurance still pays for testing and medicine.

It's better to have a doctor who's on your side.

It's not fair when...

  • you don't know what you have to pay ahead of time (article)

  • you have to wait at the doctor's office

  • you don't know what information they're collecting on you (article)

  • your insurance has control over what medical care you receive (article)

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