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Small, old-school medical practice. I answer my own phone. I remember and care about every single patient. You don't have to be part of a machine.


Your health deserves time and attention. That's why appointments are 45 minutes, so you're never rushed and have time to ask questions. And follow-up is included!

In person

The best medicine is practiced face to face, by talking to your doctor and being examined carefully. Everything else is a poor substitute.


Thousands of employees can have access to your medical records if you see a doctor in a large system. In my office no-one else can access your personal records.

Find a great Primary Care Doctor

For those seeking a doctor who really knows them, I offer personal care from a family doctor with 25 years experience

I have no wait times and a clear cost structure because I don't take insurance.

Don't let your deductible destroy you

Painless online scheduling or e-mail for a time that suits you.

Everyone deserves to have a doctor.

Medical Services

Desk with Stethoscope

Routine Checkup/Annual physical


Annual Physical

Not all check-ups are bad news. Sometimes understanding what is happening to your body can set the stage for a long and healthy life.

Medical form with stethoscope

Holistic Diagnosis

Don't feel well? Something not quite right? Confused and scared by your online research? It helps to see a doctor who can make sense of everything and explain it to you.

Doctor's Visit

Medical Exams, Forms, Medications, Referrals

Everyone needs these sometimes. How convenient to get them done at a time that suits you.

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