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My Story

After working at a clinic in the Bronx for many years I felt upset about the waiting times in the clinic and frustrated with the impersonal and rushed appointments. I also didn't like the control that the insurance company had over the care my patients needed. I saw that my patients were as unhappy as I was but we continued in a system that suited neither of us.

I realized that the only way for both of us to be happy is to have a direct relationship between doctor and patient. Insurance companies and their associated limitations -- for example, 15 minute visits and complicated billing -- take away from the essential doctor-patient relationship. Insurance companies make health care confusing, difficult and expensive when it doesn't need to be.

So I decided to offer my time, care, and honesty in a different kind of practice, where I can feel proud of the excellent medical care I provide. My goal is for you to feel comfortable and worry-free in my office, and feel better outside of it.




I graduated from Medical School in 1994. My residency was at Kingston Medical Center, upstate New York. I did elective training at Yale School of Occupational Health. I've also taken courses in obesity, weight management and veteran's health.

Board Certifications

American Board of Family Medicine


Medical school - University of Melbourne, Australia, Faculty of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine


Board-Certified Family Physician
Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians

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